What is mediation?

 Mediation is a step by step process, facilitated by an independent and impartial third party. The mediator works with two or more people in conflict to enable them to reach a mutually acceptable solution.  Their own solutions. 

Mediation is a "party-centred" process in that it is focused primarily upon the needs, rights, and interests of the parties.  Mediation is structured, informal, future focused, voluntary and confidential.

 It is an effective way of improving communication and  rebuilding relationships.    

My role as a mediator

 My role as a mediator is to facilitate, support and guide the parties toward their own resolution  through the use of open communication. 

I pride myself on providing an environment in which the parties feel safe enough to communicate honestly, in a way which enables them to move towards a resolution. 

Why use mediation?

Why would you not want to give the parties involved an opportunity to resolve their conflict in an informal manner, before a more formal and often costly approach has to be taken?  

Mediation is voluntary, which means that all parties want to be there.... a good start on the journey to resolution! 

Mediation provides the parties with an opportunity to say what they want to say in a safe space.  All parties are directly involved in negotiating their own agreement without decisions being made by others and imposed upon them. 

Mediation is more cost effective than court proceedings and in my experience can also be far less stressful and time consuming.

What is conflict coaching?

A process which provides an opportunity for those in conflict, be it with a work colleague, family member, friend, or even within themselves, to explore their situation and ways in which they can move forward whilst remaining in control of their decisions. 

The conflict coach helps the client to discuss and reflect on the issues they are experiencing in order for them to understand their responses and themselves better.  This confidential, client led process, can help them to create new and more effective responses to their situation. 

How can conflict coaching help?

Conflict Coaching supports people in finding a way forward and regaining control of their life.

 The process gives people the opportunity and space to resolve their own conflict, realising the potential within themselves to use this skill in the future. 

Experience within both HR and as a mediator has shown me how devastating the effects of conflict can be. Time and time again I have seen how people believe they are no longer in control of their own life; feeling they are being forced to live in a way contrary to their wishes due to the behaviour or actions of others.  

Conflict coaching can change this.  

Are you feeling 'stuck' but want to move forward?

Conflict Coaching can be of benefit to the person who feels 'stuck'. The process provides people with the space to think and be really listened to in a way in which they actually feel heard, without judgement. They are supported with questions and time to reflect, allowing insight and understanding to arise and helping them to move forward.

My Experience

I have worked in HR for thirty years with experience ranging from large corporate organisations to small family businesses. 

I have been a mediator for almost ten years both in neighbourhood and workplace settings and am passionate about alternative ways to resolve conflict. I firmly believe that many longstanding disputes or workplace grievances could have been avoided if mediation had been introduced at the start of the communication breakdown. Following my training as a Conflict Coach I have adopted many of the underlying principles and  philosophies of the CAOS method of Conflict Coaching into my daily life.  I am based in Manchester but am happy to travel or consult over the phone. 

Structure and Pricing


Workplace mediation involving two parties usually takes place in one full day.

It includes individual meetings with the parties in the morning and a joint meeting in the afternoon

Pricing: £900 per day plus travel expenses.

Mediation involving more than two parties - Pricing to be agreed on a case by case basis

Conflict Coaching 

Sessions last 1-1.5 hours and take place over 1-3 sessions as required.

Sessions can take place either face-to-face or over the telephone.

There is a maximum of 3 sessions and payment is required in advance.


Private individuals: £80 per session for up to 90 minutes

(£60 for telephone coaching session)

Corporate: £150 per session for up to 90 minutes


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